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New challenges demand expert insights

For years now, companies have been under increasing pressure, first from regulators and sustainability-minded organizations and more recently from investors and customers, to disclose ever-increasing amounts of information about their operations. Shrinking budgets, smaller teams and larger scopes of work create a challenge for every organization to keep pace with these mounting demands.

Sphera provides unparalleled depth and breadth of expertise to help you advance your operational excellence goals. Industry leaders around the world rely on us because only Sphera can deliver comprehensive business, domain and technology know-how as well as leading-edge enterprise software and rich information content – all from a single world-class provider.

Take advantage of our years of experience helping companies like yours

Armed with an intimate knowledge of their operations at every level, world-class organizations gain the insight needed to address critical risks and act upon predictive indicators to drive behavioral changes and improve operational performance. Everyone from the CEO to the plant operator shares in the rewards from improved foresight, including better access to capital, enhanced corporate sustainability and greater long-term shareholder value.

Sphera experts average more than 20 years of experience helping asset-intensive organizations optimize their information management systems. Our consultants helps organizations pursue operational excellence by bringing their management system to life; underpinning their global operational excellence management system with innovation, information and insights.