Analytics and Advisory Services

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In order to sustain high performance in today’s rapidly changing environment, companies must fully leverage resources, embrace changes, encourage innovations, and develop learning systems that enable faster and more accurate decisions. Predictive analytics offer a promising approach to help organizations focus their efforts and investments. However, the usefulness of predictive analytics is heavily influenced by data content, consistency, and quality, all of which are needed to accurately identify influential operational factors and process behaviors that can impact performance. Most companies struggle with how to collect the right data and are unsure of how to use the data they do have to analyze how well their current processes and management system are performing.

The Sphera Introductory Baselining and Insight Study (IBIS) is critical to the continuous improvement process. As a reactive risk reduction process, the ultimate purpose for the full life-cycle of the incident/near miss management process is to strengthen barriers to risk and prevent future occurrences. Our team of experts has spent the last 8 years analyzing risk process execution metrics from a consortium of large, global corporations. Our research has revealed that the highest performing operations are measurably engaged, disciplined, risk-driven, and learning-minded in their approach to executing the full incident / near miss process. A set of prescriptive analytics were created to enable consortium members to benchmark their operating assets and identify opportunities for improvement as they evolve the maturity of their processes.

Insights that improve your risk processes

The team behind the IBIS initiative includes data scientists with expertise in analytics and subject matter experts in the area of incident/near-miss management system standardization, implementation, and measurement. We enable you to baseline your incident management process versus the best practices of the consortium membership and to identify the most relevant measurements for engaging leadership to accelerate up-take and improvement in process execution.

The research and analytics findings from the IBIS consortium serve as the inventory of practices and analytics from which the Advisory Services team derives insights and offers solutions to unique customer issues as they strive to improve execution of risk processes. Our team of experts will use your baseline incident management process insights to customize practical and purposeful recommendations for making systemic and wide-ranging improvements in your people, process, system, and other organizational elements.

The advisory services include a series of elements such as consultations, analysis and insight of company specific data, workshops, and customized reports, as well as access to specialized events.

Our Analytics and Advisory Services enable you to:

  • Gain insights for making systemic and wide-ranging organizational improvements

  • Increase system adoption and engagement while improving decision-making from system information

  • Use analytics to influence behaviors and operating discipline

Leading Indicators Whitepaper

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Operational Excellence in High Risk Industries: Key trends Affecting Safety, Environmental, Asset and Financial Performance

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An effective incident management program will improve worker and process safety performance, asset uptime, regulatory compliance, environmental performance and preserve company reputation.

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