Business Process Evaluation

For better project buy-in, build a better business case

Successful projects can improve your brand reputation, drive workflow efficiency, optimize resources and make it possible to plan for and manage risk. Yet as you share your project ideas higher in your organization, economic-focused executives can provide resistance to fully support your project and budget.

When seeking approval for software solutions, how do you know what to plan for? Do you have all of the resources that you will need to deploy and manage your system? Will your solution have the flexibility to handle your immediate needs today, and account for your organization’s growth – as well as new industry and regulatory demands?

The answers to these and other important questions will depend upon the strategic goals underlying your company’s project.

Make your Operational Excellence project a reality with us

For decades, Sphera professionals have helped companies define the specific business benefits that will result from a consolidated, enterprise-level software solution. We bring together key project stakeholders to discuss business requirements, current practices, options, constraints, schedules, drivers and benefits in order to set forth recommendations for deploying a solutions that will achieve their business goals.

Our experts have developed a proven, flexible approach for working with customers to uncover and analyze their organization’s unique information management requirements and goals – both immediate and long-term.

Sphera consultants can help you build a credible, verifiable business case for addressing your operational excellence and sustainability challenges, including a detailed look at the level of effort that will be needed to reach those goals. The workshops we most often perform are:

  • Business Process Analysis – We match specific functionality with your daily business processes and work flows
  • Business Requirements – Our team translates your business needs to required information system functionality and works with you to set priorities.
  • Technology Review – We meet with your business and IT teams to review your existing and future enterprise software roadmap.
  • Gap Analysis – We assess operational and information flow gaps based upon industry best practices and available technology.
  • Implementation Plan – Using all of this information, we create a document that you can use to sell your project with all of the details that you need to answer the questions that will be asked throughout the procurement process.

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After a business process evaluation workshop, you will have a detailed plan including timeline, budget, phased milestones and necessary resources in order to successfully deploy your system.

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