MRO Data Optimization Services

Make the most of your time and resources

Operating in today’s complex environments, often companies do not have the internal expertise required to build and manage standardized, accurate and comprehensive MRO master catalog data records. Consequently, organizations waste an inordinate amount of time and resources trying to make other pieces of the MRO lifecycle such as maintenance, reliability, procurement and supply chain activities with MRO master data that is of poor quality to thoroughly toxic.

The risks associated with the lack of emphasis put on MRO data quality result in companies struggling to get the work done effectively and efficiently to maintain safety and uptime in operations. Sphera provides the methodology, expertise and technology needed to build foundational MRO data.

Standardization is key to performance improvement

The MRO Data Optimization service helps you build and maintain a MRO material master catalog by leveraging a global, multi-language standard designed specifically for classifying MRO items. The methodology enables customers to standardize and enrich data on an item-by-item basis and identify duplicate inventory.

Sphera helps you ensure structured, accurate and complete MRO materials data consistently throughout your enterprise. These services range from identifying potentially duplicate inventory to verifying and enriching data on an item-by-item basis. Sphera’s experienced MRO experts help you implement global best practices and enable analysis for performance improvement.

Our parts optimization templates and tools are used in over 2,000 industrial plants and facilities in 31 countries. We serve multiple asset-intensive industries – oil & gas, chemical, utilities, manufacturing, etc. The basis for building a structured catalog is IHS’ taxonomy for industrial MRO parts – the Standard Modifier Dictionary (SMD™). The SMD is a two-tiered classification schema that provides a consistent and repeatable set of rules to characterize and catalog MRO inventory.

Our MRO Data Optimization service enables you to:

  • Enhance maintenance efficiency and maximize capital effectiveness

  • Lower procurement costs for MRO spend

  • Increase asset reliability and product quality

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Improve your MRO management with governance software for long-term sustainment of accurate and complete MRO master catalogs.

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