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In today’s market, organizations struggle to hire, develop and retain the regulatory experts who can manage and provide comprehensive coverage for complex product stewardship and regulatory compliance issues. Even with full-fledged in-house EHS teams on hand, competing business priorities can limit the ability of your resources to provide complete coverage for critical product stewardship needs.

Many scenarios can contribute to a sudden spike in need for regulatory expertise such as expansion into new markets, acquisition of new businesses, the launch of new product lines and large scale regulatory changes. You need to ensure that you have the right expertise when and where you need it to reach your product stewardship goals.

An experienced team you can trust

We can help you eliminate risks due to the lack of availability of scarce in-house regulatory experts. Our team of regulatory experts, supported by our market leading software and regulatory content, can compliment your product stewardship efforts. We are committed to providing the highest quality services that correspond to your business requirements. Our team of regulatory experts have a long track record of experience and success with over 150 different customers and have produced over 100,000 safety documents and over 10,000 substance hazard evaluations supporting our customer’s business needs.

The team has experience in many industries including:

  • Chemical manufacturing & distribution
  • Paints and coatings
  • Bio reagents
  • Industrial minerals and metals
  • Petroleum & petrochemical

Our expert team can produce your safety documents, provide you with consultation services, or complement your current resources as needed, either on a short term or long term basis, enabling your staff to focus on your EH&S activities and core competencies. A sampling of the services your company can benefit from include:

  • Producing compliant SDS, eSDS and Labels according to specific national and international legislation including REACH and GHS coverage
  • Customizing SDS and label formats to reflect corporate image and brand
  • Creating templates derived from SDSs & Labels such as workplace safety cards, internal safety data sheets, transport labels and product data sheets
  • Performing regulatory reviews for the marketability of research and development products
  • Screening of inbound supplier SDSs and assessing the impact of raw material changes
  • Performing transport classifications and substance global hazard evalutions
  • Providing regulatory consulting services to augment your internal staff to address specific needs such as process optimization
  • Providing yearly sustainment and safety document maintenance services
  • Providing document management and reporting services

Our SDS Authoring and Product Compliance service enables you to:

  • Support your business growth into new markets and new product lines or facilitate the integration of new acquisitions

  • Leverage a seasoned regulatory expert team who understands your challenges and have gained knowledge of industrial best practices

  • Improve your ROI by flexibly extending your internal EHS capabilities as required

Safety Data Sheet Authoring and Regulatory Consulting

Leverage an expert team to help you meet your product compliance objectives.

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