Safety Data Sheet Management

Get the tools you need to stay current

With the advent of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), EHS managers often struggle to keep current with regionally specific regulatory changes in Safety Data Sheets (SDSs).

Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date inventory of Safety Data Sheets is essential in order to ensure that workers are well informed of potential hazards associated with the materials they are handling and that raw materials information is properly incorporated into formulated products.

Streamline your SDS processes

Sphera’s extensive experience in SDS management eases the burden from EHS managers and provides high quality services consisting of sourcing, indexing and archiving of SDSs in multiple languages.

Our SDS Management service helps you effectively:

  • Source Safety Data Sheets for raw materials or hazardous material used in production processes and stored on site
  • Index metadata fields including ingredients, physical data and hazard
    ratings/classifications per regional jurisdiction
  • Report and match ingredients against regulatory lists in conjunction with our SDS management software
  • Archive older SDS versions and maintain them in secure software available for review at any time

Key benefits include:

  • Simplifies SDS tracking and management

  • Relieves EHS staff to perform more value added functions

  • Meets right-to-know compliance obligations and reduces risks associated with out of date hazard documentation