Process Safety Management Training

Need to improve skill levels to ensure safety?

A dwindling pool of experienced talent in today’s workforce means that there are significant challenges for ensuring Safety, Health & Environment processes meet your company’s standards and goals. The need for training to improve skill levels in effectively and efficiently conducting HAZOP, LOPA and JSAs is also part of that challenge. You need help to expand and improve your PHA skill level in order to achieve better results.

Learn from our experienced instructors

The Process Safety Management Training courses use state-of-the-art risk management systems for hands-on exercises and facilitation practice under the guidance of experienced professional instructors. You will learn tips and tricks to generate high quality risk studies in efficient and effective ways, including: Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) Methodology and Leadership, Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) Methodology and Leadership, and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Methodology.

These training courses are designed for:

  • Risk & HSE professionals
  • Process Engineers/Engineers/Project Managers/Technicians
  • Contractors/Consultants
  • Operators/Supervisors/Managers/Maintenance
  • Facilitators and scribes

Our Process Safety Management Training courses enable you to:

  • Improve workplace safety with a goal of zero harm and effectively lead PHA teams and initiatives

  • Ensure compliance with process safety regulations and standards

  • Design and develop HAZOP and other PHA solutions for your company and gain a better understanding of various risk assessment methodologies

Process Safety Risk Training

Improve your HAZOP Skill Level with Expert Training.

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