User Training

Make your software investment count

After significant investments in software and services, many companies forget to invest in ensuring that their people are trained and that their skills and processes are keeping pace with industry best practices. As your partner, we want to work with you for long-term success and ensure that you are one of the leaders in your industry.

Get the most from your software investment, with end user, admin user and power user training on all of our software. Our courses are available in any variety of topic areas and can be customized, combined and re-tooled to meet your specific needs.

Personalized, hands-on training

Our in-house and on-site training provides up-to-date techniques, methodologies and interactive workshops that enable participants to act as study facilitators using standard industry examples or their own examples.

We recognize the value of hands-on training to complement the necessary conceptual content of our training courses. We work to structure each of our courses so that at least 40% of the time is spent in a workshop format. We provide solutions for any learning environment, including at your office, our office, online and web-based sessions.

Learn from industry subject matter experts with the experience, the passion and state of the art resources. Custom training programs can be developed for your company’s unique needs on any of our products.

Get training in areas such as:

  • ComplyPlus

  • Essential Suite

  • Impact ERM

  • PHA-Pro

  • Compliance Suite

  • FMEA-Pro

  • Intelligent Authoring

  • Stature

  • CyberRegs

  • HMMS

  • opsInfo

  • Struxure