CyberRegs EHS Regulatory Content

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Empower your workforce with the ability to efficiently identify, track, and manage EHS compliance obligations impacting your business.

CyberRegs® is a continuously updated online library of regulatory documents spanning environmental, health, safety and transportation topics. CyberRegs offers a feature-rich web portal with access to all 50 CFRs including EHS regulatory content from all 50 US states, Canada and Mexico. This robust document-management platform offers a variety of efficiency and collaboration tools to maximize the value of the documents. The original text is converted to hypertext and reference links are created between documents so users can efficiently surf the regulatory content to quickly find the pertinent information and applicability for their operations.

Subscribers can also receive email notifications on any newly proposed regulations, as well as changes to existing regulations that match individually tailored profiles.

Unify and simplify workflows

The powerful functionality of CyberRegs® is designed to streamline compliance work processes:

Change Tracking System

Use of color-coded highlights allow for fast detection of changes between current and archived documents.

Early Warning Service

Email alerts that will notify users of updates and proposed changes based on preferences.

Community Email

Quickly collaborate by sharing documents and comments with other users.


Cross-reference regulatory documents–federal to state, state to federal and state to state.

Reverse Links

View a master list of any and all hyperlinks within a document for quicker access.


Add company-specific information and commentaries to documents and share throughout the organization.

Stored Notification System

Create, manage change, and collaborate regarding regulatory applicability to operations


Integrate and link industry standards directly to operational processes from the regulations to meet compliance
demands (e.g. API, ANSI, ASTM, ASME, ISO & NFPA).

CyberRegs® regulatory coverage includes:

  • Entire Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
  • Entire U.S. Code (Statutes & Preambles)
  • U.S. Federal Register (FR)
  • Proposed regulations
  • Entire State-level EHS Transportation laws & regulations
  • Canada Gazette
  • Canadian Acts of Parliament
  • Mexican Federal Laws, Regulations & Standards

With CyberRegs you can:

  • Reduce EHS specialists’ time spent researching regulatory information

  • Increase efficiency in analyzing impacts of regulatory changes on your operations

  • Provide visibility into pending regulatory changes and enable the creation and management of an electronic compliance register


Empower your workforce to efficiently identify, track, and manage compliance obligations impacting your business.

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