Refrigerant Compliance

Activate your compliance plans

Achieve compliance by efficiently documenting 100% of your refrigerant related activities including accurate usage, leak repairs, verification tests and disposal tracking.

Simplify compliance with EPA and state regulations by tracking all of your refrigerant related activities so you can effectively comply with refrigerant recordkeeping requirements and corporate emissions reporting.

Look no further for expert help

With decades of experience in the refrigerant and HVAC industry, our experts have a thorough understanding of facility operations and compliance obligations, including major refrigerant equipment manufacturing and HVAC/R service contracting. We have also been involved in numerous energy and modernization retrofits, CFC chiller conversions and refrigerant reclamation services.

We can help you:

  • Proactively gauge your refrigerant compliance status including EPA Title V and VI
  • Develop a plan for R-22 phaseout and SNAP refrigerant transition due by 2020
  • Identify compliance gaps and provide corrective action plans
  • Re-establish refrigerant compliance initiatives in wake of reorganization or turnover
  • Maintain compliance with refresher training and keep updated on regulatory/industry changes
  • Inventory HFC greenhouse gas refrigerants for federal and state-based reporting requirements
  • Translate complex EPA regulations into operational processes and work instructions
  • Comply with:
    • – Title VI | Clean Air Act 40CFR, Part 82
      – Toxic Release Inventory
      – California AB 32
      – Federal Halocarbon Regulations (Canada)

With our Refrigerant Compliance Software and Services you can:

  • Simplify compliance practices and mandated recordkeeping

  • Reduce risk by transforming leak mitigation into leak prevention and access technical, regulatory and industry experts

  • Improve data integrity
    and proactively gauge your refrigerant compliance status

Certified Refrigerant Compliance Training

Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain documented evidence of your knowledge of refrigerant regulations and best practices.

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21st Century Refrigerant Management

Is Your Program Stuck in a 90’s-Era CFC-Mode? Organizations need to revisit, revamp, and expand their refrigerant management initiatives to adapt to the changing landscape

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10 Things you Need to Know about EPA R-22 Phaseout

What have you done to prepare for further HCFC phase-outs? Are you ready for new refrigerants like HFOs, HFEs, HCs?

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Refrigerant Management

Meet your compliance obligations for EPA R-22 Phaseout.

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