Layer of Protection Analysis

Effective risk management includes LOPA

Proactive methodologies such as the Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) represent important ways to reduce risks as much as reasonably possible (ALARP) in order to avoid costly and impactful operational disruptions.

The LOPA methodology analyzes the layers of protection given to known hazards. It can be conducted alone, but is usually preceded by a HAZOP or other form of PHA. Once a PHA is conducted the LOPA evaluates the layers of protection that are recommended to mitigate each hazard. It provides a middle ground between a qualitative process hazard analysis and a quantitative risk analysis. It has become an important element of risk management programs, specifically in industries such as chemicals and oil & gas.

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The Sphera Risk Assessment solution is a global risk management platform designed to support a wide range of risk assessment methodologies. It includes standard LOPA templates which will allow you to evaluate risks by orders of magnitude of selected accident scenarios and build on information developed in qualitative hazard evaluations. All templates within the solution can be defined and linked like HAZOP, LOPA and SIL. The solution also supports the creation of a standardized and robust knowledge base so lessons learned can be leveraged to drive continuous improvement.

Our Risk Assessment solution helps you:

  • Gain a better understanding of your risk exposure across sites

  • Improve execution by better allocating resources to higher risk areas to minimize your exposure

  • Retain critical experience and knowledge

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