Security and Vulnerability Analysis

Reduce vulnerability of your assets and people

More than ever, companies need to address the security of their employees, property and business information. Chemical facilities in particular are the focus of strict security measures, as the stakes are high. Loss of containment, chemical theft, contamination, or degradation of your assets can seriously threaten public health, safety and welfare, and company reputation, while a catastrophic incident could result in a large-scale loss of life and major economic impact.

Performing a Security & Vulnerability Analysis (SVA) helps to identify, analyze and manage the physical security vulnerabilities of chemical sites. Some types of sites are required by regulators, such as Homeland Security in the US, to submit SVAs and safety plans.

Improve your security risk processes with Sphera

The Sphera Risk Assessment solution is a global risk management platform designed to support a wide range of risk assessment methodologies including Security & Vulnerability Analysis. The solution helps safety and security professionals identify assets and potential adversaries, detect the likelihood of security breaches, and identify the resulting consequences. This qualitative approach helps security specialists establish and prioritize countermeasures and create an effective action plan that identifies where and how to implement them.

The solution enables organizations to seamlessly manage the different types of SVA studies from a centralized location ensuring consistency between departments and facilities, and helps build on previous studies to avoid wasted time and resources. It gives your organization exceptional visibility into process operations, and allows you to share information in a variety of formats for easy and controlled access by both internal and external stakeholders.

The solution also supports the creation of a standardized and robust knowledge base, in the form of libraries, so you can retain and then leverage corporate expertise in future assessments. It is designed to help you put corporate wide security policies and programs into place and aid in the adoption of regulations in the future.

The solution has preformatted industry standard templates for:

  • CCPS’s SVA
  • API/NPRA’s SVA for Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries
  • RAMCAP – Risk Analysis and Management for Critical Asset Production

Our Risk Assessment solution enables you to:

  • Launch corporate-wide security policies and programs

  • Ensure consistency across risk assessment processes

  • Complete vulnerability analyses end-to-end

  • Improve corporate visibility to highest ranked risks

  • Retain historical knowledge from one study to the next

  • Support compliance with governing regulations and standards

Risk Management for Energy, Mining and Chemicals

Improve the consistency and measurement of your operational risks.

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Stature Risk Management

Stature is an enterprise risk platform that enables you to drive visibility and consistency in your process safety program.

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