What-if / Checklist

Gain clarity with proactive risk assessments

Proactive methodologies such as What-if and Checklist represent important ways to reduce risks in order to avoid costly and impactful operational disruptions.

There are many different types of methodologies which can be used to analyze and assess potential risks. The What-if method is a less structured technique for conducting PHAs that relies on an experienced team. It is more common in solids-based processes such as mining, during projects, and for smaller/simpler systems. The Checklist method uses a set of pre-written questions developed by experts to stimulate discussion and evaluate the potential hazards posed by a process. Both provide critical information allowing you to improve the safety of your processes and make better business decisions.

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The Sphera Risk Assessment solution is a global risk management platform designed to support a wide range of risk assessment methodologies. It supports both the What-If and Checklist methodologies as well as many other popular methodologies such as HAZOP. The solution also lays the foundations for a standardized and robust knowledge base so lessons learned can be leveraged to drive continuous improvement.

Our Risk Assessment solution will help you:

  • Gain a better understanding of your risk exposure across sites

  • Improve execution by better allocating resources to higher risk areas to minimize your exposure

  • Retain critical experience and knowledge

Risk Management for Energy, Mining and Chemicals

Improve the consistency and measurement of your operational risks.

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5 Steps for Updating Your PHA

How do you systematically update your HAZOPs and other PHAs?

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Stature Risk Management

Stature is an enterprise risk platform that enables you to drive visibility and consistency in your process safety program.

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Join best-in-class companies like BASF and evolve your risk management processes.

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Risk Assessment Case Study Booklet

Customer Success Stories on implementing an Enterprise Platform for Risk Management.

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