Product Compliance

Anticipate and solve for ever-changing regulations

Regulations such as GHS and REACH are becoming more sophisticated and changing more frequently. In addition, many companies are looking beyond legal requirements to develop more sustainable products to meet both customer and consumer needs. If you are facing issues due to incomplete regulatory data, lack of standardization, or an inability to support new market entries with adequate product compliance documentation, you may need a more robust and proven solution that ensures that your products can be sold, shipped, and consumed in their intended markets.

Equip your company for growth

Our Product Compliance and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Authoring solution can provide you with all the components necessary to help you increase consistency, improve execution and reduce risks – setting you up for growth.

It provides dynamic managed regulatory content that is monitored, consistently analyzed and updated by our team of experienced domain and industry experts. It is then delivered systematically to our customers for seamless software updates. You can be confident that your product compliance program is supported by comprehensive and current information that can help you avoid compliance-related risk and maintain ongoing access to key markets.

Sphera has an extensive history of leadership in serving the needs of the chemical market. Our customers have achieved impressive results leveraging our solutions such as automating the creation, translation and distribution of SDSs globally and managing exponential growth of SDS volume.

Sphera supports your company’s compliance programme with these powerful information management capabilities:

  • SDS authoring – automates the production of compliant Safety Data Sheets in nearly 50 languages, ensuring your customers and employees will have the information they need to ensure safe use of your products and continued access to global markets. This includes a powerful rule-based document generation engine with the ability to produce extended SDS and Exposure Scenarios with translated ESCOM Phrases. The solution also has functionality to allow easy tailoring of rules so that authors can effortlessly modify and enforce decisions about regulatory variables and grey areas affecting the content of Safety Data Sheets. Furthermore the solution allows for GHS by Design, a unique functionality that allows SDS authors to configure user-defined GHS implementations for any area, country or region with no official GHS regulatory support;
  • Documentation and labels – simplifies the process of designing, producing and printing labels for GHS, Transport and consumer goods regulations;
  • Product compliance analysis – enables product compliance specialists to proactively plan for and manage impacts of evolving requirements and gain insight into calculated classifications, quickly identify substances of concern in products, and make better decisions;
  • Managed regulatory content – ensures that you efficiently maintain compliance in the ever-evolving regulatory environment by leveraging consolidated and validated regulatory data delivered by Sphera. We continuously monitors global regulations, interprets changes, and delivers application ready updates to data, rules, templates and logic.
  • Integration with Key Business Systems – facilitates your end-to-end business data flow by effectively connecting to other key systems, such as ERP, PLM, LIMS and formulation management applications. Based on many years of experience, we have developed tools that decrease the time-to-value for implementations and ease sustainability.
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Sphera also offers a Product Compliance Solution for SAP® EHS

Sphera provides a modular pre-packaged SAP® EH&S solution that delivers regulatory data, rule sets, phrases, templates and configuration tools to accelerate the benefits of your investment. The solution also has a state-of-the-art content editor that regulatory experts can use to change the behavior of their core SAP® EH&S system rules and support company specific requirements. It enables the creation and/or modification of rules, viewing of phrases and mapping of rule outputs to a product property tree.
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Our Product Compliance solution helps you:

  • Automate the production of compliant Safety Data Sheets and labels globally

  • Quickly identify substances of concern in your products

  • Seamlessly adapt to continuous changes in regulations

  • Proactively plan for and manage impacts of evolving requirements

  • Efficiently manage the complexity of designing and rolling out product to multiple markets

  • Gain insight into your calculated classifications to make better decisions

Product Compliance Brochure

Empower your team to efficiently create GHS and REACH compliant SDSs and labels for global markets.

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Intelligent Authoring

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Content & Rules to efficiently create GHS and REACH compliant SDSs in SAP EH&S.

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Safety Data Sheet Authoring and Regulatory Consulting

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